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Screen Share

Screen Share

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Screen Share is a screen casting application that allows you to duplicate your mobile screen in other screens.


  • View your device screen in another device (screen sharing)
  • You can do the screenshare with many people at the same time
  • It's not mandatory to be in the same WiFi network (screen stream over HTTP)
  • No root access required


  1. Open the app and click on START to begin the screen mirroring
  2. The app will give you a web direction
  3. Browse that direction to start viewing remotely the screen of your device!

Support for vertical and horizontal video

  • Use vertical orientation when your viewer is another mobile device
  • Use horizontal orientation if you plan to share horizontal content like videos

Support for audio and video

  • Stream only video
  • Stream video + the internal audio of your device (Android 10+ required)
  • Stream video + the audio captured with the built-in microphone
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