Notification History

Notification History

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Notification History is a tool that will save all the notifications that your phone receives.

  • Check your recent notifications
  • Review old notifications from days or weeks ago
  • Enter a search term and find the notification you are looking for
  • Filter by app or by time range

Store all notifications

All notifications received on your phone will be recorded from the moment that you installed this app. When you open the app, you will be presented with all of the saved notifications in chronological order, you can swipe down to review your notification log.

Quickly find a notification

You can easily find the notification you are looking for introducing a term in the search bar. You can also filter your registries by app and/or by a certain time range. The combination of all of these fields will allow you to find any notification in your entire log in an instant.

See dismissed notifications

As this app records each notification that your device receives, it doesn’t matter if you dismiss one by error; you could open the app and it will be there for you to watch. You can quickly open the app that launched it by pressing the notification entry.

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