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Menu QR Restaurant

Menu QR Restaurant

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Menu QR Restaurant allows you to read the digital menu of a restaurant through their QR code.

First, locate the QR code (it is usually on top of the table), then scan it with the app to access their menu.


  • Point your device rear camera towards a QR code menu to open it
  • All scanned menus are saved so you can visit them later
  • Share the scanned menu with anyone
  • Customize the app with a light or dark theme

This app is a restaurant QR code scanner, it’s specialized in reading QR codes in restaurants or bars. It is designed to provide safety in the modern world, where most establishments opt for providing a digital menu through their restaurant code, instead of the traditional printed menu.

Once a QR code menu is scanned, you will see the internet direction that points to, and then you will be able to visit it with a simple click. All of the scanned QR menus are stored in the History section, where you can re-visit them at any time.

This QR menu app has been created with customization in mind, you will be able to set its appearance to a light theme or dark theme, or set automatic selection that will match your operating system preference.

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